1SHP51 Electric Scissors Sharpener 150V

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Electric Scissor Sharpener 150V

High Quality, Compact, easy, safe and rugged design. This is ideal for an incredible sharp of Scissors, knives and other tools.

Dimensions: LxWxH 232x160x1104.Spindle Holder Housing
Power (W 150)5.Bit Sharpening Grinder
Nominal Voltage (V) 2306.Grinder for Sharpening tools
Nominal Frequency (Hz) 507.Knife Sharpening grinder
Bit Diameter Capacity in mm 3-13 Vibration (m*s-2) 3,98.Scissors Sharpening grinder
Noise Level LWa (dBA) 95 +-39.gauge for bits Φ3 to Φ4.5
Acoustic Level (dBA) 86 +-3

10.gauge for bits from Φ5 to Φ7

1. Bit holder spindle

11.gauge for bits from Φ7.5 to Φ9.5

2. Container for gauges

12.gauge for bits from Φ10 to Φ13

3. Bit Registration mechanism
Quantity +10Price -10% each

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