Dualdraft Grossing Station

New product

The ME300 is a medium sized grossing station designed for laboratories that need maximum ventilation of their work space. This versatile ventilated workstation with leg frame offers more work space while ensuring a safe work environment. Equipped with Mopec’s advanced dual draft ventilation system the ME300 pulls more specimen odours and off-gas away from your technicians no matter the conditions. The functionality of a ME300 will enhance the grossing process for any lab. Its leg frame enables positioning anywhere. Picture of ME300 is shown with an optional foot pedal.

Dimensions: 60″ (152 cm) L x 29″ (73 cm) D x 77.5″ (195 cm) H

  • Free standing unit
  • Ventilation:  Down and back draft ventilation
  • Fixture with swing spout
  • Magnetic tool bar
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Bin: 1 large 1 small organizer bin
  • Ruler: Inch/centimeter ruler
  • 12″ (30 cm) Adjustable shelf
  • Recessed energy saving long life LED light
  • Electricals: GFCI outlet
  • Cutting board 16″ x 23″ white in color
  • Grid Plates: Perforated grid plates .125″ holes
  • Back draft grill
  • Down draft chamber and leg frame

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