Grossing Workstation Dual

New product

The MC100 is a large, wall length grossing station designed to fully support dual dissection areas. With a common auxiliary work area in the middle and ample storage for supplies, the MC100 easily handles both the typical daily work load and any demand spike. At 156″ (396.2 cm) in length, the MC100’s versatility enables your team to easily perform the most challenging grossing procedures and keep up with an ever increasing demand. The dual workstation surfaces slope away from the common work area, toward individual sinks on opposite sides of the unit. Dual work surfaces are also recessed to ensure complete drainage of debris and fluids. Standard with each sink is a deck mounted hot and cold water fixture with built-in vacuum breaker; allowing for easy handling of large specimens and/or containers.

Dimensions: 156″ (396 cm) L x 30″ (76 cm) W x 98″ (248 cm) H
Work surface 32″ (81 cm) H

  • Material: All stainless steel construction
  • 2 formalin container shelves
  • Light: 2 fluorescent lights
  • Shelf: 3 shelves
  • Electricals: 2 GFCI receptacles
  • Hot/Cold water faucet
  • Utility cabinet
  • 2 sink spray assemblies
  • Ventilation: Back draft ventilation grill
  • Large organ sink
  • Ruler: Inch/centimeter ruler

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