Working Stations LCD Flat Screen/Keyboard Arm Mount System

New product

Allows easy positioning of your mounted flat screen and keyboard for greater visibility. Effortlessly reposition your display up down forward and/or back to the most comfortable interactive position for seated or standing use.
Allows positioning & of LCD display for greater visibility

Weight capacity: 20 Lbs

Re-position your LCD with just a touch. Up down forward and back

Full range of motion for maximum comfort level

Keyboard Adjustable Arm

Provides vertical and side to side motion

Effortlessly position a keyboard in the most comfortable typing position seated or standing use

Keyboard can be positioned for maximum comfort and productivity with a range of 25.6″ (65cm) extend/retract motion

Height adjustment 11-1/2″ (29cm)

Tray tilts back at negative 5 Degree angle for ergonomic data entry.

Mouse tray slides out to left or right depending on user preference

NOTE: Flat screen monitor keyboard and computer not included.

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