Crepe pan 2 plates high output, Ø 400 mm “enameled”

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Nothing is worth a Diamond crepe pan, with its enameled plates (EASY COOKING

coated: exclusive patent), 100% hygienic (not porous). Ideal for crepes, buckwheat

pancakes, Indian tempuras, Indonesian chapattis, blinis... Very appreciated in the

Asian cooking too for the Pecking duck. Easy cleaning, no more regular socketing

chores, this plate will help you to make good crêpes from the first time. At the end of

the cooking, wipe with a sponge and leave it idling during 10 minutes. The strong

power allows you to use the pan outside and guarantees a high output (60

pieces/hour of thin crepes cooked on both sides).

mm : 860x500xh240 kcal/h : 5500

Crepe pan 2 plates high output, Ø 400 mm “enameled”

- Plate : enameled cast-iron gives a perfect and equal result in cooking with a minimum

of grease, 100% hygienic no burning plate. Standard delivered with 1

wooden scrapper.

- Starshape burner, regulation trough valve with slow position, security thermostat

- Stainless steel frame.

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