Charcoal Ovens

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Charcoal oven-BBQ, GN 1/1 (60 Kg/h)/Black

- Recommended for 90 people - Regulation on 6 levels - Power expressed in Kw:

3. - Carrying capacity in coal 3Kg. - Standard equipment: one meat tongs, 1

scraper and 1 grid in «O» shape (585x465 mm).

mm : 706x613(925)xh690

Charcoal ovens-BBQ

- Exterior finish in stainless steel, interior finish in stainless steel and cast iron.

- Fully insulated oven. - Isolation system (patented) which decreases the temperature

in contact with the oven (+/- 60 ° C) and the reduction of energy

consumption (25% reduction of coal consumption!). - Door hinged, tilting, with

large windows (high temperature 750 ° C), allowing excellent visibility inside is

possible and no need to open the door so often. - Grease trap integrated, with

drawer. - Ash tray (removable). - Analog thermometer. - An integrated firewall. -

External air flow regulator integrated into the chimney. - Delivered with 4 adjustable



- A charcoal oven is the perfect combination between barbecue and oven,

in one machine, the best of both offer the most authentic taste of grilled in

all your dishes by adding flavor, juiciness and the perfect texture, all in the

comfort of your kitchen. - Save up to 40% of charcoal than traditional

grills. And at the same time you win a lot of time because it will cook faster

up to 35% compared to a standard grill. - The unique design of the grid

system and vetopvanger, there are no flames in the oven and the food will

not burn.

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