"Ct Series" Direct Steam, Combi Steam Ovens, , 6 Levels, 30 kg

New product

Electric ovens "TOUCH" direct steam and convection

- Convection of 25° to 300°C.- Steam 100°C.- Mixed convection/steam from 25° to 250°C.-

Regeneration and maintaining temperature from 25° to 250°C.


Level 6; Series Ct; Capacity 30 kg; Touch Screen yes; Hand Shower Optional; mm 898x915xh808; kw10,1; V **  400/3N 50-60Hz


- Direct injection steam (90% saturation) - High definition

colour TOUCH SCREEN controls that enable users to

customise all of the oven's main functions - 2 cooking

modes (programmed, manual) - 11 humidification levels

- (Pre-programmable) memory holding up to 1000

recipes, 16 different cooking phases (choice of 16 different

successive cooking types) - USB port for saving

and transferring the various cooking programs (HACCP

data management) - 3 speed controls (full power/half

power/intermittent) - Core probe (1 sensor) - Automatic

pre-heating and rapid cooling of the cooking chamber

(CCRR) - "AUTO-CLEANING", a built-in automatic cleaning

system (CCNA), 4 different cycles to choose from,

"ECONOMIZER" function for saving water and detergent

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