3M P3 Filter

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3M P3 Filters specifics

  • Solid top design reduces the chance of premature clogging, or soiling with dirt, grime, water or dust

  • Protective casing aids decontamination practices

  • Temperature resistant cover protects filter media

    from heat, sparks or physical damage

  • Patented bonded web technology has more surface area than many standard filters which helps lower breathing resistance making it more comfortable to use

  • The filters help deflect sparks and splashes of liquid. The casing also assists in environments where decontamination is required.

  • The whole head is protected from airborne droplets, crucial transmission vectors. Thanks to 3M P3 Filters, the risk of infection is dramatically reduced.

  • Filters should be changed when they become clogged with particulate contaminant. The wearer can determine when this occurs as it becomes harder to breathe through the filters.

  • The filters are designed to filter out particles in industrial conditions

    and in concentrations much higher than is likely to be encountered in

    a pandemic situation. It is therefore expected that one set of filters will cover at least one pandemic wave, after which they should be replaced for infection control reasons.

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