17HLMT Ventilated Anti-Droplet Helmet

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  • The ventilation and filtering system are located at the back of the helmet. A ventilation duct system allows the distribution of filtered air inside the helmet.

  • The aim of this device is to allow approach, without the risk of being infected.


  • Eyes, nose, mouth and ears are enclosed in the positive airway pressure helmet, eliminating the respiratory constraints of the mask.

The weight of the Helmet is 1.3 kg.
  • Being entirely made of clear polycarbonate, the helmet also aids to eliminate the barrier between medical staff and patient that is created by face masks, thereby making the interaction with patients a more positive experience.


  • 0.8 mm thick polycarbonate helmet

  • 12V radial fan

  • Two 3M P3 filters

  • Power supply with USB input

  • Powerbank(5-6 hours autonomy)

  • Adjustable belt (any size)

  • High resistance thermoformed

    shockproof Styrofoam

  • Non-medical device


3M P3 Filters 


Key passages

  • !! Hand Hygiene is critical. Decontaminate hands before fitting your respirator and after use by washing or using an alcohol gel.

  • !! Put on other equipment – aprons, gowns, eye protection, gloves .

  • !! Before leaving the area, remove your gloves, gown and eye protection in that order and dispose of as clinical waste , where applicable.

  • After leaving the area, remove your respirator. See the Department of Health guidance for further information.


  • Helmet Cleaning Product: Neutral Soap








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