11FPS11-4 Gravity Fed Formalin Dispensing System

New product

The 11FPS11-4 gravity fed, formalin dispensing system is designed to dispense buffered formalin ,via gravity, from a formalin drum ,provided by facility, to multiple grossing stations.Buffered formalin is pumped up to the Holding storage tank which is the dispensed via gravity. Control box, storage tank and spill containment base are not limited to one room or location. The control box can be located in the laboratory and the contaiment base can be placed in a separate mechanical closet for convenience. The storage tank should be located at a higher elevation for increased performance.

  • Stainless steel framework
  • Includes base containment pan with fluid detection sensor
  • Enclosed control system
  • Large upper shelf to hold fully sealed 50 gallon (189.2 L) stainless steel formalin containment tank
  • Formalin dispensing outlet, 3/4'' stainless steel pipe nipple with stainless steel valve, manifold can be designed as desidered.
  • Dimensions: 30''wight x 30'' D x 90'' H( 76.2 cm x 76.2cm x 228.6cm)
  • FP250 does not use  concentrsted formalin nor a water fill port
  • 11FPS11-2 REMOTE ALARM SYSTEM is optional

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