11FPS11-3 Gravity Fed Formalin Dispensing System

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11FPS11-3 Gravity Fed Formalin Dispensing System

a formalin mixing and dispensing system designed to dilute unbuffered formalin with deionized facility provided water to create a buffered formalin mixture and dispense to multiple grossing stations via gravity.

The 11FPS11-3 is comprised of : a 50 gallon (189  L) stainless steel holding tank, a stainless steel holding tube frame and a control box all located, over a spill containment base with ramp for easy loading of 37% unbuffered drums of formalin.  The unbuffered formalin and water is pumped into a upper formalin containment tank to mix, creating at 10% buffered formalin mixture.Safety measures include overfill and leak detectors , elapsed time system process  fail safe and optional remote alarm system.

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