11PW12-2 Ventilated Dump Station

New product


Primary Filter : 4.75" x 23.75"


115 volt / single phase / 50-60 hertz

5 amp minimum requirement

Blower motor:

High Pressure Direct Drive Radial Blade Blower

1/5 Horse Power 3 speed motor

(wired for high speed only)

550 cfm. Air Flow


Do not pour liquid waste into this unit. It has

been designed to handle used animal bedding

material and the associated moisture in that

material only.

Introduction of liquid into the unit will create a

shock hazard for operators and personnel in the

area. In addition, void any associated warranty

of the motor and filter unit.

in accordance with this manual may damage the

unit which Mopec will not be responsible.


Replaceable filter elements, both primary and

HEPA, are to be replaced by the customer at

their cost.

Unit not should be operated with panels removed or door open.

How to change filter units.


Upon removal of the perforated plate, the primary filter

can be lifted out of the holder and replaced by new media.

The media should be firmly inserted into the holder frame so

that it seats to the bottom of the frame.


In order to replace the HEPA filter, the power cord

needs to be unplugged from the outlet. To provide additional

access space the louvers on the back panel need to be

placed in the closed position. This is accomplished by

pushing the two levers down in the bottom corners of the


Remove the left and right side service panels by

pushing in the latch, tilting the door outward via the latch.

Pick the door up and off the locator pins using two hands on

each side of the door.

Through the larger opening, slide the HEPA unit to the

right until the foam seal clears the door panel opening. At

this point the HEPA filter can be removed.


Upon turning the unit on, the pressure gauge will read

0.38 As depicted in the picture below.

This is a differential pressure gauge. A reading of “0”

indicates a 100% blockage at the primary filter.

The primary filter should be cleaned daily to ensure that

the unit is operating at maximum efficiency

Should cleaning of the primary filter not produce a 0.38

or greater reading, replacement of the primary is necessary.

Through use a slow steady deflection to the right will

occur, this indicates the HEPA filter is working. As the

gauge approaches 2.0 inches, the HEPA filter needs to be


Before changing the HEPA filter the primary filter

should be replaced; or inspected, cleared of debris and




All stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water, which will

remove debris.

The stainless steel surfaces can be disinfected with a non caustic disinfectant.

During the cleaning we suggest wiping the surface in the same direction as the

satin finish which will help elevate dirt from the grain finish.

Scratches can be removed simply by utilizing a "non-metallic" abrasive pad and

rubbing in the same direction as the satin finish.

Since most abrasive pads vary from one supply to another, we suggest rubbing

the entire surface to blend the scratch and blend the balance of the surface.

Do not use a bleach solution.

To clean external and internal surfaces use

cleaning agents for stainless steel only. The

agent should be applied to a foam cleaning pad

prior to contacting the stainless steel in order to

contain the agent in use.


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