5DT22-7 Stainless Steel Shelf compatible with Bucket HolderGrossing Station - Down Draft, Free Standing Dissection Table, 143 cm

New product

The 5DT22-7 is made of stainless steel construction and the ventilation system features Mopec’s total draft ventilation system. The inner ventilation chamber of this workstation also acts as the drain sink. The work surface has self-supporting perforated grid plates and is made of 16 gauge stainless steel perforated with ½” diameter holes on 1″ centers. The grid is designed for easy cleaning with single flanges eliminating any unseen areas that will accumulate bacteria. Hand slots are included for easy handling. Material finish is #4 satin finish.

Dimensions: 143.5 cm L x 762 cm W x 939.8 cm-119.3 cm H

  • Material: Stainless steel construction
  • Grid Plates: 3 perforated grid plates

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